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Profit from your content

Got your own content-based website or e-shop and want to earn money from advertising? It doesn’t get any easier than this. You place ads from our advertising system on your website and get a commission on each click. And it’s all free of charge!

I want to monetize my content


Are you the owner of a website or e-shop? Earn money by displaying ads on your online content


Got your own video content? We’ll help you to monetize it


Do you create podcasts or other audio content? Be part of the Podcasty.cz platform

I want to promote my content

Seznam Newsfeed

Share your content directly on the Seznam.cz homepage

Seznam Recommends

Take advantage of the successful recommendation technology from the Seznam.cz home page

I want improvement

Seznam Login

Log in to your site using your Seznam Account


Set up multiple consents – it’s easy and free of charge

Seznam Discussion

Insert a discussion module under articles on your website


Get feedback for your content

Not got time to deal with the monetization of your website?

Media representation

If you’re creating quality content but no longer have time to monetize your site, this service is a convenient way to do content preparation while not losing profit.

Plugins for WordPress

Seznam Advertisement WP

Deploy ads from Seznam.cz from your WordPress admin without the need of programming

Seznam Recommends WP

Easily integrate the article recommendation box, including setting up the advertising zones that are part of it

Seznam Tools WP

Thanks to the plugin, your website will offer users to log in via their Seznam email account