Přihlášení přes Seznam English Version

What does it offer?

Login via Seznam allows people to log in to a partner’s website or service using an existing user account with Seznam.cz. The user does not need to create a new account with the partner, fill in lengthy registration forms or remember other login details. All they need is a single account – from Seznam. This is an increasingly popular service that improves the website visitor experience and helps to build a closer relationship with the website visited.

Benefits Partners

  • Standard OAuth solution. Logging in via Seznam is easy to implement and it works in the same way as similar services that use the OAuth standard.
  • Customize the button for service design. Recommended or custom styles can be used.
  • Multiple logged in users. Logging in through Seznam is quick and easy, so it is likely that multiple users will be logged in at the same time.

Benefits for users

  • Quick login. It only takes a few clicks to log in.
  • One name and one password. You don’t need to remember different logins for each website or service.
  • Secure login. All communication with the service is encrypted.

Seznam Login for advertisers

  • Why use Login via Seznam? Because people trust it.
  • What are the benefits for my Internet visitors? Speed, simplicity and security
  • Are you a vendor or an e-shop? You will still be able to use retargeting or conversion measurement
  • Are you a content publisher? You protect your advertising income